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Protection Insurance

Life Cover

The protection/life insurance that most of us know about. It pays out if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness before the last 12 months of your plan. You might already have thought about how you might cope if your partner dies unexpectedly, or how your dependants would cope if something happened to you. It would be great to know that you?d done all you could to minimise the financial impact.

There might be costs to be paid, or household bills to meet but no income to pay them. The right amount of life cover makes sure that even though it will be an emotional and difficult time, all these things are taken care of, if the insured person dies. It goes without saying that the choices you make will depend on your own particular circumstances. All of our protection plans are designed to suit your needs AND budget.

Income and Unemployment

We Can Mortgages and Loans offer great value insurance, providing cover to protect you against redundancy or a loss of earnings as a result of being unable to work following a sickness or accident.

We offer four types of policy:

Personal Accident & Sickness

protects your income against being unable to work following an accident or sickness. Specifically designed for the self employed or for those who are employed but would not receive their full salary from their employer if they were unable to work.

Unemployment Insurance

provides protection against being made redundant by your employer, or for the self employed or company directors against liquidation or bankruptcy.

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment

offers a policy that combines the benefits of the above two policies under one insurance.

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

provides cover for accident, sickness and/or redundancy when the benefit of the policy is specifically designed to protect your mortgage repayments.

Other Insurance products available include:

General Insurance
This ranges from Home Insurance, Landlord Insurance, Travel Insurance, Pet Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Marine Insurance (Boats), Car Insurance, Caravan Insurance, Professional Indemnity. Find out more.

You can get insurance for just about anything including events, exhibitors and hole in one policies. Just get in touch!

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