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It's hard to find financial advice in a marketplace increasingly open to confusion and abuse following recent changes in Pension legislation. We are here to help you.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you know where your pension funds are invested?

Do you know the value of your pension funds?

Do you know how your pension funds are performing?

Do you know what charges and management fees are applied to your pension funds?

Do you understand your Pensions?

Do you know what your options are if your pension funds are not performing?

If you answer NO to any of the above questions then a pension review is highly recommended.

Many people have existing pension plans that have not been touched or reviewed in years. Although you may think that your pension is in the right hands, this may not be the case. Due to a huge shake up in the pension industry in April, many providers have reduced charges and are paying closer attention to how the funds perform but is your provider doing this?

This could mean that if you have not reviewed your pensions, then not only could you be paying higher charges but your pension may be performing poorly. All this could result in a smaller pension at retirement or, worse still you having to work for longer! However, it is possible to have your existing pensions reviewed by a specialist - Act now to make sure you make the most of what?s on offer.

We Can Mortgages and Loans are an integral and transparent intermediary between Pension Holders and Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) that are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our trusted and fully qualified IFAs have extensive expert knowledge and operating experience within the financial services industry.

Together, our goal is help put people on the right path to having the income and lifestyle they desire at retirement.

At no point will we charge you for a pension report and we would like to stress that you shouldn't deal with anybody that says there is a cost involved to yourself.

We will then and advise whether your pension should remain where it is - or whether you might benefit from moving it to a new pension plan if this will benefit you.

Remember how you choose to spend your retirement is in your hands, so perhaps you should be considering making your plans sooner rather than later... Call 01914 990 990 or email: to request a call back.

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